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Meyersdale Joint High School Ring 1950's till "?" design. Photo's show a 1966 ring.

When was the next design change?




 Meyersdale, PA 15552

 The Monument.  The Landmark referenced as our Geo-Target long before Navigation Systems were invented.  How many ever paused long enough to read it?


As of Thursday 4/8/2010 This Meyersdale landmark took on a new perspective.  Be sure to listen to that episode to find out why.

News flash:  Meyersdale resident spots Floyd Flaugherty minutes after making his phone call to the program.

Nice to have you tuning in Floyd!

Next time I'm in town I'll take you out to breakfast.







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1960 something.  Nate Thomas & Charlie Stotler before they were Doctors, enjoying Danny Clapper's Clay Courts.

Photo, compliments of David Hay, My Somerset County, weekly Column writer in The New Republic





A special tribute to the 60's!  Prepare Yourself  for some powerful memories as you watch this presentation.



 Want to see some of the cool cars we drove back in the late 50's and early 60's + more?  Click the link:



 March 10th, 2011 Car Night on MARC

Thank's to Gary (BooBooBaer) & Peggy!

Lots of great memories but the cars are all gone.  We've settled into our SUV and small economy car today.



   Gary's 55 Chevy in School                   Peggy's 63 Ford Galaxie 



Gary's first new car, 1966 Ford Fairlane Convertible & Gary and Peggy's first new car after they were married, a 1968 Ford Torino.


Our New 1976 Chevy Camaro and our last new sports car, the 1984 Pontiac Trans Am.  Gary (Meyersdale Alumni) and Peggy (Bowman) Baer, (Salisbury Alumni) are regular supporters of MARC.



Ralph & Nona Fritz (class of 1960) 1957 Olds.  Is this the one that Nona was almost ejected from in a drag race on Berkly Flats???



Tom went from this cool 1962 Corvair, 2 door coupe with a 4 speed during the 65-67 school years to the 1969 Chevelle below.                

The little cutie below (Tom Dahl, class of '67) is the proud owner of this 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle which is a duplicate of the car he purchased in '69 from Baker's Chevrolet in Meyersdale, PA.   Tom lovingly restored this  69 Chevelle.       Tom Dahl, owner


Awwww, isn't he cute?  Tom Dahl, class of 67 in a 1955 photo with the Queen and the Gov of PA.  You can tell he was dreaming, not of the queen but his future prom date and owning a classic car!


Dreams do come true.  A prom date with an upper classman.  Betty Moore, class of 66.  Two cuties.

A black and white photo, computer color enhanced.


This Dodge GTX was spotted during the Maple Festival, 2011.


67 Corvair * Don Kimmel admiring Roger and Charlotte (Walters)Clark's 39 Ford Truck during the 2011 Maple Festival.


Meyersdale Alumni Radio's Float Entry and other photo's taken over the special weekend of April 1st/2nd 2011 weekend.




Rich and gang are preparing the float, Kathy Spence (Joshes) actually talking off air.  Getting in the parade line, brother Don Kimmel is ready to drive us in Al Miller's donated Meyersdale Automotive's roll on truck. That evening a few gather at Alice's Saylor's home.  Rich, Alan Grew and Jim Spence show how they can still stand and converse while Rich needs to rest that kneee after a long, long day of performing his wonders.  Dave Clapper (thanks Dave for all that you provided for us) and his hair hat which looked quite natural along with Rich's wife Carol. Lex Grew and Bill Saylor and Rich and Bill.





Thanks to Dave Clapper and Al Miller for our float wheels and preparation facilities.  Photo's above compliments of Kathy Spence's facebook photo's.  Float participants.  Kim Clapper, Alexis Grew, Fred DiPasquale, Tim Vought and his wife, Jim and Kathy Spence, Don Kimmel (driver). 



Dave Clapper (1964)  Alan Grew (1965

Jim Spence (1965)  Jim Getty (1965)

Fun Loving, Free Spirited, Simpler Times, about 1970.


Vietnam Night on MARC -May 12th-2011 photos of our guests

Kevin Bungard and Eugene Brown (1966 classmates)


Kevin & Eugene Meetup in VN               Eugene and Vickie in DC


In Vietnam, doing volunteer Memorial clean up and sand bagged.


Vandell's in the 60's & Today




The Vandels originated  1963/64 by

 Kevin Bungard & Brooke Folk

soon joined by Eugene Brown

Charley Stotler, Gary Bear,

Billy Legas, Al Miller & Bill Trent.










Kevin, Brooke, Eugene and Gary in 64? Playing for a Sadie Hawkins Dance at the Old Gym.


 The Vandells reunite after 45 years!

The Vandels Memorial Day Weekend 2011 at the Elks practice session, then the Night at the Elks for the class of 1966 and 1971 reunion and later that evening The Vandells perform from 11pm until 2AM at the opening night of The Morguen Toole Company!



Kevin - Eugene - Charlie - Brooke - Billy - Al

The Photo Below Sums It Up for all of Us!

Drummer Eugene Brown's grandchildren found it hard to believe that he performed in a Rock Group In High School.  After all the Video and Photo evidence provided to them, Eugene (PapPap) was presented with the Ultimate Reward from his grandchildren.